Samples For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here are a few samples of work I've done in the past, either as an employee of the company or as a freelance contractor. My range covers web and print media for internal and external audiences. This is just a taste of what I've accomplished in 10-plus years of communications experience. I'd happily provide more samples if you'd like to see them. All you need to do is ask!

Jostens Careers

I worked with the digital team at Jostens and freelance designer Jennifer O'Brien to revamp the careers page. As the lead writer on the project, I interviewed Jostens' HR team to determine the correct tone and desired content for the page. I also collaborated with the designer and digital team on the content strategy and wireframes for the project.

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Sample 1: Careers Before

The careers page before the revamp had minimal information and zero flair. I spoke at length to the HR team about what they desired for the new page and what they thought their users would want to see. I also spent time looking at other pages on their website to glean their overall tone and brand, since a style guide was not available to me.

Sample 2: Careers After

I crafted the headlines for each section with Jostens' brand message of telling stories in mind, and the copy followed suit. The client had minimal edits and rave reviews: "I love the tone, the pacing -- and the excitement!"

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As the content manager for, my job was to plan, write and manage all digital content for the company. My main focus was on the website, email communications and social media outlets, but I also crafted the occasional print ad, promotional mailer and store sign.

Sample 1: Wedding Flowers

Besides selling merchandise and promoting company services, a secondary objective of was to provide expert advice and information to our customers. I restructured and rewrote the wedding pages of the website to meet both goals. 

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Sample 2: eClub Newsletter

This weekly e-newsletter provided insider information and exclusive offers for Bachman's loyalty program, Bachman's eClub. I was in charge of the editorial direction, project management and content creation for this vehicle.

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This day training and habilitation service provider for persons with disabilities hired me to rewrite and create a consistent brand voice for their website.  I also provided general content strategy feedback regarding the site's navigation and content structure.

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Sample 1: PAI Values

Originally, this page had no content other than the tabbed graphic element. I recommended an introductory paragraph and wrote the content based on knowledge gleaned from source content and client feedback. 

Sample 2: Business Partner

I repositioned the bullets on this page as benefits, making sure the content was written as a parallel list. The page also needed an introductory statement and general editing.

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Auburn Supply Group

By studying competitor websites and interviewing the company owner, I wrote website content from scratch for this Milwaukee-based distribution service for business products. I crafted a professional yet down-to-earth tone and provided content strategy recommendations.

Sample 1: Home Page

ASG wanted to convey three important things on the home page: their commitment to clients, their low prices and great value, and their fast delivery ˗˗ using a friendly, professional tone. 

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Sample 2: Delivery

Flexible delivery is a key differentiator from the competition, so it was important to make that clear on the website. This page states ASG's delivery promise and provides delivery details for clients.

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Denmark Dental

This dental practice in Eagan, MN, needed fresh copy for their website that presented them as friendly, professional and inviting. I partnered with Super Deluxe Design Studio on this site reboot.

Sample 1: Comfort

When faced with the thought of going to the dentist, a lot of people feel anxious and sometimes even scared. Writing about comfort was key to creating a welcome environment on the homepage.  

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Sample 2: Services

The dentists wanted to make sure potential patients knew they could count on Denmark Dental not just for routine teeth cleaning, but for many other dental services using the latest technology and methods in the industry. My copy covers that range. 

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Capella Learning & Career Outcomes

While employed at Brain Traffic, I was the lead writer on the project team that launched Capella's Learning and Career Outcomes website. Without an existing site to use as source content, I relied heavily on interviews with subject matter experts to craft my copy.

Sample 1: Home

The challenge: explain a complex reporting and measuring system in a friendly manner without a lot of intellectual jargon. My home page copy accomplished this and acted as a gateway to the rest of the site's content. 

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Sample 2: Behind the Numbers

Heavily numbers based, Capella had to be clear about how they created their measurement and reporting system. By introducing a benefit to adult learners in the introduction, my copy gradually leads the user through the details.  

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At Macy's, my copywriting duties included a wide range of print materials. From the weekly sales circular to event mailers and even a short-lived lifestyle magazine, I was tapped to contribute to them all.

Sample 1: Your Four-Star Home

The concept for this editorial piece in Macy's lifestyle magazine was to convince readers to turn their home into a luxury hotel ­­- using product from Macy's, of course. The sample is page one of a four-page spread; my copy introduces the concept and invites readers into the story.  

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Sample 2: Fashionista
Shopping Party

Together, the art director and I concepted a "flip for fashion" theme for this shopping party. My copy perfectly complements the fun and energetic image and graphic text elements of this event mailer.

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I worked on two different communication teams during my tenure at Target. The first was for an online policy and procedures portal for Target's customer service call center. The other was dedicated to corporate communications in both print and intranet publications. The following samples are from the latter team.

Sample 1: Our Pages for Distribution

Target's distribution centers needed streamlined communications. To that end, we folded 20+ location-specific newsletters into one Distribution-focused edition of Target's internal magazine, RED. I wrote this article to introduce this new direction. 

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Sample 2: GLBT Business Council

During Pride month, I wrote this feature for Target's internal e-newsletter, TGT Weekly. The GLBT Business Council (now called the LGBTA Business Council) has a strong presence within Target corporation. This article spotlighted an important celebration in that community.

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