They say content is king. Here, King is content. 

Hi. I'm Angie King. Admittedly, King is my married name.* But I believe everything happens for a reason.


Early Experience: The Long & Winding Road

I've been making content rule ever since my early diary days. My passion for writing blossomed into poetry and short story writing as a teenager, morphed into a mash-up of editorial journalism and screenwriting in college, got sidetracked (in a good way) with corporate communications at Target and retail advertising at Macy's, and eventually landed on my true calling: web content. (But I'll always have a place in my heart for print, too!)

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Honing My Skills: Brain Traffic & Bachman's

As the fifth ever employee at Brain Traffic, I was with the agency as it pioneered the content strategy field. I learned how to make content useful and usable from the best minds (and most colorful personalities) in the field, including the ladies who wrote the book on content strategy. (Literally. Check it out.

I took this knowledge with me to Bachman's, where my experience as a content manager grew. I planned, wrote and managed the garden center's website, e-newsletter, social media and SEO efforts - plus dabbled in myriad other content-related duties such as print ads, event descriptions, PR write-ups and store signage. The variety of tasks gave me a well-rounded look at how content across mediums should support a core message - one that translates seamlessly from print vehicles to websites and social media.

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My Promise: To Make Your Content Rule

I believe you don't need fancy design elements or the latest trend app to make a lasting impression on your users. Focus on the content. Make it relatable and understandable. That's it. The rest is frosting. (Which means your content is cake. And everyone loves cake.)

Let them eat cake!  Contact me to get started.

Angie King
Ruler of King Content


* I pledged myself to a Rich King, in good pun or bad.